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Chiropractic Peace

Chiropractic Peace

Chiropractic Peace marks the beginning of the end for infighting between mixers (broad-scope) and straights (focused-scope). The three refreshing essays by Drs. Reed Phillips, Ashley Cleveland, and Gerry Clum introduce chiropractic leaders, students, faculty and practitioners to a new, less contentious, dialogue on the political, sociological, philosophical and historical issues of our profession. After years of polemical argumentation, reading Chiropractic Peace is like getting a new pair of glasses or a much-needed spinal adjustment. Uplifting relief! Instead of seeking peace by trying to hammer out compromises, which many do not find successful in the end, the three writers utilize the concept of pluralism to construct a “big tent” which will accommodate all ethical chiropractors who adhere to basic chiropractic principles. 

The three contributors bring a much-needed respectful tone to the discourse. And in an important turn for the profession, each writer acknowledges that all of the camps—focused-scope, middle-scope, and broad-scope—are committed to ethical and skillful practice.

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