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Beyond the Glitter

Beyond the Glitter

BEYOND THE GLITTER: A Novel One Woman's Journey from Domestic Abuse to Spiritual Enlightenment and Love - in Sin City . . . Jennifer O'Shea-Robinson, a professional middle-aged woman, has experienced both ends of the spectrum - rich and poor. She has endured and survived the humiliation of domestic violence, but continues to struggle through life unaware of the moral principals and wealth of intuitive guidance within her grasp. After the murder of her wealthy and abusive husband, William Robinson III, she toils to sort out her past and to begin a new life in Las Vegas. As the primary suspect in her husband's homicide investigation, she avoids the affection of a handsome doctor, unable to accept happiness without guilt. It is a near fatal motorcycle accident which forces her to review her life and release the conditioning of her past. Her timeless journey through the heavenly WHI light is one of enlightenment, courage and true love.

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