About Us


The Life West Bookstore is a source for all recommended and required class textbooks and course notes. We also offer a wide selection of books ranging from health, wellness, and personal growth, to business management and chiropractic lifestyle.

In addition, we carry a large selection of Life West branded apparel and swag, chiropractic resources including tables, and personal-use DC tools and equipment, and much more.

Our dedicated focus on the chiropractic profession sets us apart from other institutions, making our Doctor of Chiropractic and Continuing Education programs among the most sought-after in the world. Through a leading-edge curriculum inspired by new technology and an exceptional clinical learning experience, Life West provides graduates with the knowledge, skills, philosophy, and competencies to be the best in their field.

At its core, Life West empowers transformation by offering its students a path to help create a brighter future for humanity. We believe that an outstanding education provides resources and generates opportunities far beyond the classroom experience. Our mission is to help you leave a mark on the world through chiropractic.
Check out what we have to offer, available online or in store.

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